What do our Customers say?

Fabio N.
Skateshop well stocked and with competent and in hand staff. Here you will surely find what you are looking for! highly recommended even if you are not from the area, they make home delivery
Agostino A.
To give only 5 stars is a shame as they are very experts in the sector, I asked them about the world and they always answered me with education and experience, in fact I got my first skate from them and I am very well recommend it to everyone
Marcello R.
I recently bought a skate and I had a great time! Danilo, followed me step by step, recommending the model and the optimal size for my needs! He helped me choose the product until the end. Super satisfied! Congratulations on the store .. we wanted to get one!
Andrea S.
I bought the penny I have to say show and quite funny!!!
Federica N.
Kind, prepared and super helpful! The best in the area. I gave a gift and I needed advice and technical support, Danilo guided me with competence and kindness towards the best choice for my needs. Super bonus point for speed of shipping and really nice packaging. Thanks and see you soon in the store
Gabriele B.
Beautiful skates suitable even for the little ones
Andrea T.
Great shop and good quality of products
Francesco C.
Competence, professionalism and a lot of sympathy are their strengths. If we add a workshop where you learn maintenance techniques, free events and Hawaiian aperitifs what to ask for more!
Stefano A.
Excellent and original
Margherita G.
I bought a skate for my son, and I must say that there is really no comparison. The very kind and super-trained staff, always available to help, answering all my questions!
Patrizia R.
Nice place complete from sporting goods
Vittorio B.
I accompanied my partner to inquire about roller skates, and we came out with two new skates. Maximum willingness to try, and explain, wonderful environment and quality products. Danilo's kindness allowed us to better understand the world of skateboarding and to get passionate about it. Since that day we continue to go to the table without stopping, you have opened up a world for us!
Edoardo P.
Great service! Quality products, fast delivery, kind and helpful guys and a lot of professionalism.
Giuseppe M.
Excellent material for skateboarding
Emore A.
Courtesy always rewards
Antonio R.
A nice sports store.
Christian Z.
I bought a skateboard, a penny and some accessories; 100% satisfied; I was treated very well, I was given some advice on what to take and before buying I tried everything! One thing I really liked was that once I bought the skateboard, the guy followed me and made me learn and improve the use of the skateboard; even those who are beginners and want to start from the basics will feel at ease right away!
Raffaele R.
Impeccable service! Very kind and helpful. I purchased the components to assemble a skate, as a novice I asked for advice directly from them and I guarantee you that they are super professionals! They perfectly explained everything there is to know about the choice of the various components and the differences between the various models / dimensions / heights / hardnesses etc. They followed me from the beginning to the end of the purchase process! And I am absolutely SATISFIED !!! I love the skate I have !!! Thanks a lot again!
Filippo O.
The guys of 'Extreme are competent, professional and extremely available. Great across the board!
Edoardo R.
Comfortable t-shirt of great fabric and beautiful, especially served very well.
Rolands F.
Simply fantastic, known through the various games of S.K.A.T. and organized by them in the area, super solar, super professional. In short, highly recommended 🤙🤙🤙
James S.
I purchased a skate board from the guys at Extreme Games. I was somewhat reticent to purchase a skate board from their store based in Italy, but the Guys were Fantastic. I'm fortunate that I can speak some Italian, but that wasn't an issue as I found a few blokes speaking English. So I purchased the board and it was seamless. The board arrived here in Oz from Italy in approx. 9 days...better than our postal system.
The board was Beautifully packaged, it was amazing the way they'd packed it...The whole board was wrapped in a cloth material/bubble wrap and cardboard, with some stickers added...Grazie!!
I Cannot recommend this company enough. The staff were a pleasure to deal with and I would purchase from these guys/company again at a drop of a hat.
Many Thanks to Everyone.
Fernando C.
Very well stocked skateshop on two floors, excellent price quality! Guys available and prepared
Lorenzo R.
For 2 years that I have bought from them, I have always felt very comfortable! Excellent skateboards and accessories. The staff very knowledgeable and helpful 🤙
Roberto M.
Friendly, professional and available in suggesting technical solutions according to your needs.
Matteo M.
Very nice and helpful staff, I placed an order in the evening and the next day afternoon had already arrived, excellent service
Alessio L.
I was buying a cruiser just yesterday and I already learned! Fantastic service, very personable and kind. See you at some event! Big guys! 🤟🤟
Angelica C.
Well-kept environment. As for the shop, they have a vast assortment of products, unique in their kind! Very nice, competent and helpful staff. I will definitely go back. 😉
Giuliana R.
The boy guided us in choosing two skates for my boys in a meticulous and professional way. The passion for this "world" emerges and is well illustrated
Gabriel C.
Competent and very helpful
the place is beautiful
Sara P.
eally nice shop perfect and kind top personal
Domenico M.
When to welcome you in a beautiful shop, where nothing is left to chance, is a young and nice guy like Danilo, driven by a passion for skateboarding, you understand that you are in the right place. Good work and thanks.
Paola C.
Skate shop near home very stocked, the guys of Extreme were very kind, they followed me in the choice of skate wheels, trucks, board and all the components, explaining all the features. Also I had the pleasure of taking advantage of their coffee corner for an aperitif and a nice chat with them!
Carlo S.
Shop well equipped very kind and helpful people
Jenny M.
We had a great time! Nice, professional and available for advice. Excellent quality products for every pocket and need! We recommend it 👍
Davide L.
Shop fantastic boards only high quality , friendly staff and very prepared always available to help, meetings organized with other skaters are well organized with warm-up exercises before going out to turn , fantastic
Leonardo B.
I was in this store on Saturday to buy a skateboard for my son. You notice the passion they have for action sports. Thanks again for the advice, Federico was very happy
Ste U.
Super friendly, helpful and qualified staff, calmly explain everything, available to clarify any doubt and give advice, pay maximum attention in what they do to ensure impeccable service. recommended
Stefano C.
Friendly and very helpful staff where in addition to skateboarding equipment
Greta L.
The most particular skate shop I have ever seen, the staff are nice and helpful, I bought a skateboard and wheels from them. I thank Alberto for the general maintenance of the skate, I feel great with the board. Until next time!
Marco Q.
The shop is amazing, it has everything you need for skateboarding, beautiful
Silvia P.
First purchase of a skateboard for my daughter, very kind and competent owner.
Filippo T.
Great. Reliability and competence
Valentina B.
Beautiful store
Alessio B.
I bought long ago the Penny skateboards and I had a great time, great service and the store beautiful and particular Californian style
Francesco O.
Experts and professionals. Great support for your purchases.
Filippo M.
Very nice, kind staff, equipped skate / longboard department
Marco B.
Spectacular experience ... Alberto and Danilo infuse you with passion and advise very well ... congratulations